The Cataloony-bin and its Cataloonies as seen by Carallot d'Antares, voyager. Somebody truthful enough had to investigate that despicable, despised, and warmongering and barbarian nation called the Cataloony-bin - and somebody had to report on the concomitant noisome terrors suffered by their martyred neighbors, the rightfully hallowed Shitholers particularly.


Es-zènic Raure-hi

Es-zènic Raure-hi

Rac vil
Rac rou
Rac vil rou.
Al Sol de l’òbit fos,
Rac re.

Rac re
Rac rou
Rac vil re.
Pel Sol de l’òbit fes,
Rac rou.

Rac òbit
Rac vil
Rac vil òbit.
En Foc final de fus,
Rac roure.

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entre el mirall i els ulls

entre el mirall i els ulls
no voldria pas que l'escaient paral·lelisme patís tampoc de paral·laxi


La meva foto
Under the speckled canopy / Where, along the autumnal whisper / Of fair weather, I walked, / The enkindled persimmon, / And then the flaming chestnut, / The imploded acorn, fell… /.../.../ My eyes, and nose, and ears, / And tongue, and skin, in joy / Praised such fragile perfection. .../.../

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